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Is It Time to Raise the Rent? Here's How

When it's time to raise the rent on your rental property, make sure you proceed with caution. Raising the rent too much or too quickly can leave you with an empty property after you tenants leave in frustrat
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18 April 2019

Nobody Renting? Try Lowering the Rent

Do you have a lot of vacant units but don't know why? Landlords have a myriad of factors to consider to maximize the returns on a rental business. Whether it's one single-family dwelling, &nbs
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11 April 2019

Analyze This: What Is a Rental Market Analysis?

The Rental Market Analysis (RMA) is a tool for figuring the income from a rental property, either a property you already own and wish to rent out or the potential revenue generated by a real estate investmen
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04 April 2019

Know Your Property Management Tax Deductions

Your rental properties are a business. As a landlord, you'll owe taxes on your Uptown Dallas investment properties. A profitable business requires you to minimize expenses to maximize your bottom line. From
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28 March 2019

Think It's Just Ramps? Think Again

As a landlord, you have numerous areas that require careful navigation. One of the most significant external
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21 March 2019

Tenant Retention: Converting Churn Into Pure Butter

Your tenant is moving out. Maybe he's getting married, or she's changing jobs (with a move). It's always something.
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14 March 2019

6 Things to Look for in Your Property Management Company

Knowing how to choose the right property management company is as important as knowing what to look for in the
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07 March 2019

How to Deal With Professional Tenants

The word "professional" might indicate an excellent tenant. That's not the case. In reality, professional tenants are some of the worst tenants you might ever have to handle. 
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28 February 2019

Thinking of Landlording? Pitfalls to Avoid

Owning rental property as a source of income, or being a landlord, is a very decent living when done right. Even as a second income source, it's a great hedge against volatile economic times. Real property i
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21 February 2019

Landlord 101: Difficult Tenants

Having the right Tenant/Landlord relationship is absolutely critical for a successful rental business. Be too friendly, and it can be challenging to deal with situations that can arise no matter how carefully y
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14 February 2019
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