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Understanding the Importance of Property Inspections

Inspections are crucial to becoming a successful rental property owner. Every time you get a new tenant or say goodbye to
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06 June 2019

The Pets in Rentals Debate: Should Landlords Allow Them?

Understanding the Pets Debate Whether or not to allow pets in your rental property isn’t a cut and dry question. After all, nearly half the population looking to rent has pets, so offering them a
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30 May 2019

Great Strategies to Screen for the Best Tenants

Screening the applicants to rent your property is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a successful investment property experience. Great renters pay on time, stay for a long time, and keep your prop
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23 May 2019

How Landlords Can Set the Right Rental Rate

Landlords are in constant tension when it comes to setting rates. You want a competitive rate that will retain your exce
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16 May 2019

Use These Tips to Take Your Best Rental Listing Photos

The Value of Great Photographs If you’ve never been one to need professional photographs for anything, you may not realize just how different a poor-quality photo is from a truly well-taken shot.
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09 May 2019

Gaining Tenants Through Property Listings

Listing your property for rent comes with all kinds of preparations; cleaning, renovations and updating,
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02 May 2019

How to Avoid Buying a Bad Investment Property

It's in your price range, and you think you can make it work. Sure, it needs a few repairs. But you see the bigger picture for this property as a rental property.  Maybe it's your first invest
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25 April 2019

Is It Time to Raise the Rent? Here's How

When it's time to raise the rent on your rental property, make sure you proceed with caution. Raising the rent too much or too quickly can leave you with an empty property after you tenants leave in frustrat
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18 April 2019

Nobody Renting? Try Lowering the Rent

Do you have a lot of vacant units but don't know why? Landlords have a myriad of factors to consider to maximize the returns on a rental business. Whether it's one single-family dwelling, &nbs
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11 April 2019

Analyze This: What Is a Rental Market Analysis?

The Rental Market Analysis (RMA) is a tool for figuring the income from a rental property, either a property you already own and wish to rent out or the potential revenue generated by a real estate investmen
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04 April 2019
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