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rent collection

Superior property management starts with our rent collection guarantee. If we are unable to collect rent payments, we reimburse you for the loss whether you own a single-family home, condo, townhouse, or other rental property in the Dallas area. All fees are tax deductible

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    2-month Management Trial

    We simplify your decision to hire us as your Dallas property management company by giving you access to our first-class services through a free 2-month management trial.

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    Free Eviction Insurance

    Evictions are a headache. We take that headache away by giving you free Eviction insurance. Gone are the days of landlords having to foot the bill for court costs.

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    Free Professional Photographer

    We market your rentals in the best light possible to keep vacancy cycles to a minimum. Our professional photography services are a free bonus included with our property management services.

Leasing fee

40% of First
Month's Rent

Management fee

8% Gross
Monthly Rent

Have multiple properties? If so, our fees are negotiable.

We have a passion for property management. Through our advanced property management capabilities, we take the hassle out of being a landlord and make owning rental properties an enjoyable experience for all of our clients.


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